Recovering From Identity Theft When a Relative Wrecks Your Credit

Identity theft can happen to anyone but in many cases, the victim and the identity thief are related. Credit Sesame is looking to profile identity theft victims who had their credit cards or other financial information stolen by a family member. You do not need to be a Credit Sesame member but that is a plus. 1. How did you realize the identity theft had occurred? 2. Describe briefly the circumstances of what happened. 3. What damage did the identity theft do to your credit? 4. What steps did you take to resolve the situation, credit-wise? Were you able to restore your credit history and score and erase the identity theft damage? How long did it take? 5. What advice would you give others about defending themselves against identity theft or handling it after the fact when a relative is involved? 6. If you are or were a Credit Sesame member, in what way, if any, did the site help you to get your score back on track?