How To Prove Food Poisoning

The general question I’m seeking to answer with this article is how to prove a restaurant gave you food poisoning and what compensation you can expect. This article will be a step-by-step guide to go about being compensated by a restaurant, because I suspect it’s hard to prove they gave you food poisoning. What are some immediate steps you should take? Where do you come up with “proof”? And when it comes to medical care, what types of compensation can you expect from the restaurant? For instance, I imagine your health insurance covers a trip to the ER or doctor, but should the restaurant be made to pay your deductible? What about their business insurance? Will that cover you? And what, if any, legal recourse do you have if this happens to you? If you have any expert insight on this topic—either from a legal, business, or insurance perspective—I would love to hear from you.