New Wrinkles Make 2018 Charitable Tax Deductions A Tricky Issue

New Wrinkles Make 2018 Tax Deductions A Tricky Issue – – – Many financial advisory firms and charitable donors are telling Charles Schwab this tax filing season will require more planning than usual as they cross over from the 2017 tax code to the new rules for 2018. Affluent clients are also taking note of the changes, with 63% saying that they’re likely to adjust their financial planning to be more tax-efficient under the new rules, according to a recent survey from the American Institute of CPAs. In this article, I’m looking for tax and charitable giving experts to weigh in with comments, tips and strategies for charitable giving during this tax season. All comments welcome. Requirements: Tax experts, financial advisors, charitable giving experts, taxpayers, people who give to charity and claim a tax deduction.