Need Sources for Story: I Want to Buy a Home but Have No Credit Score–What Do I Need to Do?

It’s Erik Martin with The Mortgage Reports website ( I’m looking to interview credit experts, financial professionals, and real estate experts for the following story: Home buying with no credit score. This story will explore what to do when you have no credit score and want to purchase a home. Below is a list of questions I’m seeking answers to. I can either conduct a phone or email interview (with the latter, please email me back full-sentence written responses that I can use as quotes). My deadline is noon central time, Wednesday, April 4. What does it mean to have “no credit score” (the absence of a score)? How and why is this a problem, especially if you want to purchase a home? Why is it important to establish credit and a credit score? How is a credit score determined, and what does the score number mean? What can someone do to establish credit and build a credit score? What detailed steps would you recommend they take? How long will this process take (establishing credit/building a credit score) before they should apply for a mortgage loan? Please provide a suggested timeline here. What would happen if a consumer tried to apply for a mortgage loan but lacked a credit score? In addition to getting rejected, would they be penalized further in some way? For a person who is just starting to build credit, what ideal (but realistic) credit score should they aim for prior to applying for a mortgage loan? Any other thoughts, tips or suggestions on this topic? What is your full name, title, company, city/state location, and email address?