Need Real Estate Experts for Story: The True Costs of Owning a Home

I’m looking to interview real estate faculty/professors, mortgage lending experts and real estate attorneys for the following story: The cost of homeownership. This story will explore the true costs of owning a home for new buyers, including mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, furnishings, etc. Below is a list of questions I’m seeking answers to. I can either conduct a phone or email interview (with the latter, please email me back full-sentence written responses that I can use as quotes). My deadline is nooncentral time, Monday, May 14. Questions: 1. Why is it important for home buyers, especially first-time buyers, to understand the true long-term costs of homeownership? 2. What are the true costs of ownership? Can you give me an example or two of how much a buyer will actually pay over the life of a mortgage loan for everything house-related? 3. What are some common misconceptions/things that buyers overlook when it comes to paying for a home/ownership costs? 4. Even though this “true math” can seem large and intimidating, what do buyers need to keep in mind (e.g., owning can sometimes cost less/be a better investment than renting)? 5. To compare apples to apples, what are the true costs of renting (vs. owning)? Which is a better value/investment over the same time period? (please try to provide 1-2 examples) 6. What do prospective buyers need to consider carefully about ownership costs before taking the plunge? 7. Any other thoughts, tips or suggestions on this topic? 8. What is your full name, title, company, city/state location, and email address?