Need mortgage expert for article about mortgage insurance

For a consumer-finance article on things to know before buying mortgage insurance, I’d like to include source quotes relating to the following questions. Please answer some or all, and include your name, job title and company in your pitch to ensure accurate attribution. ————————————————- What does mortgage insurance cover? Is there loan insurance a borrower can purchase that pays a borrower’s mortgage if the borrower dies or becomes disabled? Can the buyer choose which private mortgage insurance company the lender uses? How are private mortgage insurance premiums determined? What are some ways a buyer can avoid having to pay mortgage insurance? What’s the difference between private mortgage insurance and the following: 1. FHA mortgage insurance premium 2. VA funding fee 3. Rural Development guarantee fee How do these insurances benefit buyers? When can the borrower stop paying each of the following: 1. Private mortgage insurance 2. VA funding fee 3. USDA guarantee fee Are there any loans that don’t require mortgage insurance with less than 20 percent down? If so, how would a borrower qualify? Requirements: Licensed mortgage or mortgage-insurance professional.