Need Experts for Story: How to Ask for a Pay Raise

It’s Erik Martin with The Mortgage Reports website. I’m looking to interview human resources professionals, job/employment experts, financial professionals, and real estate faculty/professors for the following story: How to ask for a raise. This story will suggest tips on how workers can ask their employers for a pay increase for the purpose of purchasing a home/affording a mortgage. Following is a list of questions I’m seeking answers to. I can either conduct a phone or email interview. With the latter, please email me back full-sentence written responses that I can use as quotes. My deadline is noon central time, Monday, Apr. 2. 1. Why is it important to ask for a pay raise if you feel you are deserving of such? 2. Why are many workers so afraid of asking for a raise? What holds them back? 3. How can even a minor pay raise help those who are trying to afford a mortgage and purchase a home? 4. What evidence/ammunition should a worker gather to justify a pay raise request? How can they demonstrate that they are worthy of this increase? 5. What detailed tips can you suggest for workers to properly ask their employer for a pay increase? What should they do and what should they avoid here? 6. If they are successful and get a raise, how and to what extent should they put that extra money toward affording a mortgage/purchasing a home, if that is their goal? 7. If they are not successful in getting a raise, what steps should they next take to improve their chances of affording a mortgage/purchasing a home? 8. Any other thoughts, tips or suggestions on this topic? 9. What is your full name, title, company, city/state location, and email address?