Need experts on handling life insurance investments

I’m looking for financial advisors and insurance experts with pointers on managing a life insurance policy that has an investing component. Generally, do you find policies with cash value features appealing, or do you prefer the old saw about buying term and investing the rest? How should this aspect of an insurance policy fit into an overall retirement plan? What should one look for in shopping for a policy with an investment component? Am I right that apples-to-apples comparisons are hard to make? What are examples of the most appealing features, and ones to stay away from? Most importantly, how does one monitor and manage the policy after it is purchased? Is it common to have flexibility going forward? Can you, for example, change asset allocation? How deep into the weeds can you get? How do you determine if it’s best to cash out rather than keep the policy in force? Is that common? What do your clients typically do with the cash? What else should I be asking Requirements: I prefer responses by email containing usable content and quotes, and because I get so many almost never respond to ones merely offering a source for interview. Please include the source’s contact info, full name, preferred title in its shortest form, firm and location (which is often hard to find on websites).