Need experts on downsizing versus a reverse mortgage

I’m looking for financial advisors, retirement experts and academics with tips on how to choose between downsizing and taking out a reverse mortgage. First, do you find that clients wrestle with this, or do they tend to have clear preferences at the start of the discussion? Do you find they tend to resist your recommended option? Over what concerns? Please walk me through the issues to be considered, including lifestyle, health and family matters as well as finances. What do you typically suggest doing with cash pocketed from a downsizing, and do you advise a lump sum, monthly income or credit line in a reverse mortgage? What else should I be asking Requirements: I prefer responses by email containing usable content and quotes, and because I usually get plenty I rarely answer responses that merely offer a source for interview. Please include the source’s contact info, full name, preferred title in its shortest form, firm and location.