Need experts on choosing dividend investments

I’m looking for advisors, retirement experts and academics with tips on seeking dividend-paying investments in today’s market. In general, what role should dividend-payers play in the portfolio of one in or near retirement? For a younger investor? Should investors consider dividends when selecting stocks and funds, or focus on expected capital gains? Next, how do rising interest rates and high stock prices affect your recommendations? (Assuming stock prices stay high) Are dividend payers a good alternative to other income producers like bonds? How have dividend payers performed in volatile markets compared to non-payers. What do you think about strategies like Dividend Aristocrats? How much dividend yield can an investor get without taking too much risk? Would it make sense, for example, to look at REITs MLPs yielding more than 10 percent, or are they too risky? Are there any stocks, mutual funds or ETFs you especially like these days? Are there any classes of dividend payers that look especially good or bad? What else should I be asking? Requirements: I prefer responses by email containing usable content and quotes, and because I usually get plenty I rarely respond to ones merely offering a source for interview. Please include the source’s contact info, full name, title, firm and location.