Need experts on bitcoin exchanges

I’m looking for financial advisors, bitcoin experts and academics with tips for investors wanting to choose a bitcoin exchange. Coinbase, for example, has halted trading on some volatile days over the past few months. Is this something a bitcoin investor must learn to live with, or are there exchanges that have more capacity to execute in all market conditions? What does an investor need to know to feel confident a cryptocurrency exchange will operate smoothly, quickly, efficiently and securely? What will it take for cryptocurrency exchanges to operate as well as U.S. stock exchanges? What do you see as the chief shortcomings of the cryptocurrency exchanges today? Is it common for exchanges for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to limit the amount of trading an investor can do over a given period, or to cap the size of an individual trade? What do you consider to be the “must-have” features of a good exchange? What limitations or requirements would be red flags? How does the investor check out the exchange’s security against hacking and other problems. What other features are important — like how easily one can add cash into an account, or transfer cash to a bank account, or get customer service or tech support? I’d welcome anecdotes about problems with exchanges, or ones that have worked particularly well. Is it possible for bitcoin investors to do things they can do with stocks, like sell short or buy on margin? Do you feel cryptocurrency exchanges should be regulated like stock exchanges? Requirements: I prefer responses by email containing usable content and quotes, and because I usually get plenty I rarely respond to ones merely offering a source for interview. Please include the source’s contact info, full name, title, firm and location.