Need commentary: Pros/cons of buying Alphabet (GOOG) Stock

Looking for some quick insights on the major pros and cons to GOOG stock. Email commentary is preferred, but a short, focused phone call is also possible. Experts are welcome to offer their own pros/cons or comment on any of the below. Pros: Google is the world’s dominant search engine (get into stats on digital ad market and growth). Investments in self-driving cars, voice search, YouTube, AI and online retail provide avenue for diversified growth. CFO Ruth Porat has brought much better financial discipline to the company. Cons: Amazon has head start in voice, could edge into voice search. Amazon also seizing some digital advertising money. Regulatory risks overseas persist and domestically could materialize. Arguably overvalued on a relative historical basis A few good sentences to a paragraph on any pro or con should work.This is the first of a series of pros/cons articles. I need commentary on GOOG first, but the next subjects will be AMZN, FB and AAPL, so feel free to submit commentary on those after anything you submit on GOOG.