Nataxis Investment Advisor Survey – Five Takeaways

We’re looking to do a “five takeaways” story on the recently released Nataxis Advisor Survey, and what financial professionals think about it (like here . . . . We’re especially interested in these takeaways from the survey:
1. Extended bull market has led to complacency among investors, as 64% of advisors do not believe investors are prepared for a market downturn
2. Current market environment favors active management, according to 83%, who continue to allocate the bulk of their assets to active strategies
3. Financial professionals believe rising rates will have a negative effect on investment performance, increase market volatility and portfolio risk
4. Nearly half of respondents say that clients reacted emotionally to recent volatility, a dangerous omen if markets experience a severe decline
Any and all comments appreciated. Requirements: Investment advisors, money managers, portfolio managers, investors, Wall Street professionals.