Mudslide Insurance

With the recent devastation caused by mudslides in California, I’m working on an article that provides readers with the ins and outs of mudslide insurance – aka Earth Movement insurance. A few questions I’m looking to answer: 1. Do most home insurance policies cover earth movement disasters from things like mudslides, earthquakes and sinkholes? 2. What does earth movement insurance typically cover? And how does it work? I imagine it can be a tricky thing to determine how damage resulted from an “earth movement.” 3. Who should be considering this type of insurance? Is it only for people in regions prone to things like mudslides – i.e. California – or do most homeowners have a reason to consider this type of insurance? 4. If this isn’t a standard inclusion in most homeowners policies, what does it typically cost to add it? If you have any expert knowledge or experience with this topic I would love to hear from you! I am a freelancer.