As Morningstar Evolves, Where Do Fund Ratings Stack Up?

We’re working on a story for Advisor News about the relevant and current issues involved with Morningstar and other fund rating companies. Story focuses on issues like investor and fund manager suspicions overall about ratings overall since the 2008 crash (i.e., are ratings still accurate and helpful), and the impact of changing business model at Morningstar that has MS offering services, including portfolio management, to advisors. Need advisors and investment experts to weigh in on their attitude toward Morningstar and fund ratings services in a changing Wall Street landscape. All comments welcome. I’m also especially interested in MS’ ongoing changes to your business model (especially in offering services, including portfolio management, to advisors.) I know Schwab and Vanguard are doing basically the same thing, so it’s an emerging issue for our readers. Requirements: Morningstar users, fund ratings experts, portfolio managers, advisors and planners, and investors.