Millennials, Stop Doubting Your Investment Choices

A BMO report and a similar Wells Fargo report both say the same thing about young investors: Millennials aren’t investing aggressively enough because they’re not as confident as older generations. This story would explain why that can be a bad thing and how millennials can build confidence in their investment choices. 1. What’s driving a lack of confidence in millennials? Are they still being affected by the fallout from the Great Recession? Can it just be chalked up to a lack of knowledge? Or is it something else? 2. Generationally, millennials are the least likely to adopt a buy and hold strategy. They’re also most likely to wait to pull the trigger on making an investment decision. How can those two behaviors affect their retirement outlook for the long term? 3. Millennials are more likely to look to managed portfolios, mutual funds and ETFs in lieu of individual stocks in their portfolios. Is that a wise choice or are millennials hurting themselves by not focusing on individual stocks? Can relying on managed portfolios help or hurt their retirement strategy? 4. Millennials are more likely to go the DIY route and less likely to seek help from an advisor with their investments. Can that undermine their confidence even further? When should millennials consider working with an advisor and how do they choose one they can trust? 5. What can millennials do in general to become more confident with their investment choices?