Millennial advice

I am seeking a strategy for one of my readers. Here is his situation: A 25-year-old male out of college and in his first job, with a marketing firm in the midwest. He makes $29,000 a year. He is performing well at work. His mother passed away from breast cancer 20 years ago at age 40. His father recently passed away at the age of 63 from throat cancer. He just inherited $500,000 from his grandmother who passed away this year. What should he do with the money? Some considerations: He is healthy. He has a serious girlfriend and expects to marry in the next 2 years. He will want to buy a house in the next five years. He has $10,000 of student debt but otherwise debt free. He has no dependents. His goal is long-term financial security. Requirements: Looking for financial planners to weigh in with a strategy for that windfall inheritance. Please provide reasoning.