The Mental Mistake Hurting Millennial Investors

According to a Legg Mason survey, 82% of millennial investors say their investment decisions are influenced by the 2008 financial crisis. The majority say they prefer to invest conservatively but over the long-term, they could be shortchanging their retirement. This story will discuss what that mindset could be costing them and how to overcome it. 1. What may millennial investors potentially be costing themselves by letting mental fears about the market steer them towards too-conservative investments? 2. What do millennials misunderstand the most about stock market cycles and the relationship between risk and rewards? 3. How can millennials who are wary of stocks ease into stock investing? Is it better to start with individual stocks, mutual funds or ETFs, for example? Are stock/ETF investment apps that allow incremental investments (such as Motif or Acorns) a good choice for millennials? 4. Are there any sectors that may be better for risk-averse millennials than others? 5. How can millennials ensure that they’re keeping the right balance of investments in their portfolio as they get older?