Investments Winning with Blockchain

Lou Carlozo, an investment contributor for U.S. News and World Report, is working on a story about blockchain –the digital ledger that promises to revolutionize how business is done, everywhere, in every sector. Given the novelty and attention surrounding this topic, this story is expected to get excellent play. We’re asking for your insights and replies, *via email, * in bullet point form by 9 a.m. Eastern on Friday, July 21. Simply share several bullet points that point to stocks/companies, sectors, or even cryptocurrencies that stand to win big as blockchain gains momentum. Keep in mind, that less obvious areas –such as the payments industry and certain/future ETFs– could score as blockchain grows and why each one is important. Longer replies are better than shorter ones; ideally, about two paragraphs per bullet point. Finally, what is your advice for readers, personal stories and/or stats to back up your views are especially welcome. Please put *blockchain winners* in the subject line, all caps, and include the title of the person commenting and where they are based. Thanks, in advance for your help! This article is scheduled to run Tuesday, July 29. The managing editor of the Bank Administration Institute, Lou Carlozo is a longtime investment contributor to U.S. News & World Report, based in Chicago.