What Investment Lessons Can Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Teach Us?

What lessons can entrepreneurs and small business owners teach the rest of us about investing? Most ordinary employees save for retirements buying mutual funds through 401(k) accounts, but entrepreneurs are different. Their businesses are their primary – and often only – retirement assets. Insofar as they’re investing on the side for retirement, they often take a very different approach. What can we learn from them? If you are – or you know – an entrepreneur who is also investing for retirement, please considering sharing a story with Forbes. Tell me about one memorable, instructive investment – it can be small or large – that you made that either went really well or really poorly. I will need real numbers and real details. The idea here is not to write an expose. It’s about the insights you gained. What might you urge Forbes readers to learn from your experience? Please put the phrase “Forbes investment wins and fails” in the subject line of your email.