Should you help your kids with a mortgage down payment?

Working on a story about whether parents should help their children with a mortgage down payment. The premise of the story: Millennials are struggling to get into new homes. When is it a good idea and when is it a bad idea to help them buy a house? We’d be looking for about 700 words with tips at the end from the experts (2-3) you talk to. We may need to check in to talk about what shape the tips should take after you do some interviewing. The story should include an example of a person or couple who helped their child with a down payment and someone who made the decision to focus on their retirement and told their kids they were on their own. For the example of parents who helped, it’s important that it not be someone who would be considered wealthy. I don’t want to feed the “they could easily afford it” naysayers. We can pay $500 for this and need the copy in no later than Wednesday, Feb. 7 at noon. Please let me know if you can take this on. Thanks! Requirements: Seeking 2-3 solid tips from financial planners, CFPs, and financial experts about when it’s a good idea and when it’s a bad idea to help children with a mortgage payment when you are supposed to be focusing on retirement? These tips/advices should be aimed toward parents who considered middle-income earners and currently saving for retirement.