Financial planning for nontraditional families

Looking for an expert who can discuss how financial planning for nontraditional families differs from financial planning for “traditional” mom+dad+kid(s) families. How has the notion of a dependent changed? How has that changed family finances and family financial planning? Requirements: Must not work for a MassMutual competitor. For tips on how to submit an excellent HARO pitch, see I am looking for responses from financial experts. Please provide your comments on this topic in your response and if I am able to use it, I will follow up with you by email or phone for additional details. Please include your credentials, email address and phone number. If you are a public relations agent, please send comments along with the client’s email address and phone number. Please do not submit comments that you have submitted to another media outlet or that you have published elsewhere. Responses must be unique. If I include your contribution, I’ll credit you and email you the link to the article when the piece publishes, which usually takes about two weeks.