Financial advisors and cfps – common myths for managed financial help

In this world of robo advisors and do-it-yourselfers, what are some common myths about investing/using financial advisors and why investors decide to seek advice. Please include your name, title, company name, city, state, contact phone and email. Please be as detailed and specific as possible. Will follow-up later with phone questions when necessary. What are some of the myths and misconceptions millennial investors and other investors have about using a financial advisor and why? Why are there these myths? What about commissions and sales and compensation practices? What about older advisors versus younger? What are some of the differences
in advisors that work at low-cost fund establishments versus others? What about the concept that “only rich people need a financial planner to invest?” How can people with less means benefit and how should they find an advisor? What differences are there between big institutions and small ones? What can financial advisors do that robo advisors can’t do? What else haven’t I asked that is important and why?