Donor Advised Funds: Are They Worth It?

An investment contributor for U.S. News & World Report, is working on a story about donor-advised funds. The funds offer obvious tax advantages and allow those with net worth not in the millions to be charitable on a larger scale. We’re asking your answers to these questions *via email* no later than first thing Friday, March 16. 1) Who are donor advised funds right for and what’s the ideal way to work them? 2) Are there some common misconceptions that have arisen around these funds? (For example, how one size might fit all.) 3) What kinds of IRS guidelines do those who overlook donor-advised guidelines sometimes overlook? 4) What are some of the best benefits for these funds? 5) Anything else to add? 6) Finally — and this is crucial — actionable advice reduced to several bullet points and two-three sentence explainers. Please indicate the exact title of the source and where they are based. Thanks in advance for your help. Put *donor-advised funds*, all caps, in the subject line so I do not miss your response. *Deadline is* 9am. Eastern time, Friday March 16.