Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Global Trends and New Australian Crypto App ‘Liven’

I’m looking for an expert in cryptocurrency/blockchain tech (preferable U.S., Europe, or Australia based) to comment on global trends, speak to their personal or professional experience with cryptocurrency and to give an opinion on new Australian app ‘Liven’. In-depth knowledge of Australian cryptocurrency a plus, but not necessary. Interview is for a business case study with behavioral insights firm, Canvas8 about the Liven app. Case study samples are available upon request. *Important*: Please answer each question in full sentences and start each answer by repeating the question (e.g. “I have used cryptocurrency…) 1) Have you used cryptocurrency before personally/professionally? Please talk about your experience. 2) How is cryptocurrency beneficial for consumers? Is it safer than other types of payments? Are hacking and theft stills problems we need to be aware of? 3) How would the use of cryptocurrency/blockchain benefit businesses moving forward? 4) Have you noticed any trends in the use of cryptocurrency in Australia? 5) What’s your opinion of Liven? Is this an app you can see yourself using? Please explain. 6) What are the advantages/disadvantages of instant digital payments with cryptocurrency? Any repercussions we should be aware of? 7) What do you see for the future of cryptocurrency?