Combining a demanding career with caring for elderly parents

I am doing a piece for the FT’s Work and Careers section on mid-career professionals and executives who find themselves caring for an ageing parent. I need to find case studies for the piece, and also talk to HR/line managers about company support, what works and what does not. I am principally looking for professional people in sectors such as banking, law, accountancy, management consultancy who are currently, or have been, in this situation and can talk from personal experience. The piece will look both at the strains of stresses of combining a caring role with a demanding job and how corporate cultures and policies are evolving – and need to evolve further – to support employees caught in this tug of needs and wants – one which many of us will find face at some point in our lives. Please provide a short overview of what you could contribute to the piece in your response, so I can work out who to interview. Requirements: Any geographic region. But, I would like to interview people who reflect the FT’s readership, e.g bankers, lawyers, city accountants, management consultants, high tech etc.