Combatting Investor Envy

Please send responses to this query *via email* by end of day Friday, Dec. 15. With the holidays approaching an earlier response is preferred. (Note: Those of you who submitted comments for my most recent “buy high, sell low” story may repurpose comment for this query.) Any thoughts you can gather along these lines would be ideal: 1) When investors kick themselves for not getting in on a hot gainer such as bitcoin, what should they do to properly console themselves and get back on track? 2) Can envy of other investors ever work as a force for good for the envious person? Why or why not? 3) What are the dangers of investor envy, for example in the light of bitcoin, or more recently, Amazon, Apple or Tesla’s run-ups? 4) How does the smart investor sidestep investor envy? 5) Anything wise to add? You may also include numbers, stats and other illuminating insights. To all my friends PR, thanks for your help this year and a wonderful 2017 holiday season. Lou Carlozo, the managing editor of BAI (the Bank Administration Institute), is a longtime contributor to U.S. News & World Report.