CFPs and other financial professionals – investing goals for 2018

Working on a story about investing goals to have for the new year. This story is geared towards everyday investors. Here are some questions I’m trying to answer in the story: How should investors plan out their investing goals, both short and long term as they start the new year? How should investors assess where they are? How should investor review their investment accounts? With the markets the way they are, what goals should investors consider for 2018? What are some things investors should consider going into 2018? What are some trends right now with pending changes to the tax code? If investors are trying to find a financial planner, as part of their goals, what questions should they ask? What is important to do in the first, second, third and four quarters? How can and should investors consider if they are thinking about enrolling in an Automatic savings plan? (brokerage account to government bonds?) How should investors set their goals? What questions should they ask a financial advisor to make sure they are making the right investing goals? What else should I be asking that I haven’t asked? Please include your name, title, company name, city, state, contact phone and email. Please be as detailed and specific as possible. Please respond via email with answers. Will follow-up later with phone questions when necessary.