How Can Women In Finance Make It to the C-Suite?

Women are widely underrepresented in executive positions in the financial sector. If you’ve got your eye on a C-suite position, how you begin your career can influence where you wind up. This story will focus on what young women just starting their careers can and should be doing to work their way up the corporate ladder. 1. In general, why do women lag behind men in terms of executive leadership representation in the financial services sector? 2. When building the foundations of a finance career initially, how important is it for women to take on roles that allow them to produce objectively measurable results? What should women in finance be doing to make these most of learning opportunities? 3. For women who are C-suite focused, how important is it to develop expertise that’s relevant to the core of the business they’re building a career in? (For example, if you’re working in the insurance industry, underwriting skills would obviously be of use.) 4. How important is it for women in finance to develop relationships with mentors in leadership positions? How can women connect with mentors and ensure that they’re getting the full benefit of these relationships? 5. Once a foundation of expertise is created, how can women effectively pivot from that into a leadership role? 6. What personal qualities are most essential or useful in propelling women from entry level to the C-suite in the financial services sector?