Business insurance when you expand overseas

I’m writing an article for American Express OPEN Forum about insurance. I’m looking to hear from businesses in multiple countries (so at least two but preferably more), and I’m wondering how your insurance ends up evolving as you expand. For instance, are you insured if there’s a strike at a port, and your business is dependent upon getting shipments? Have you found that because you do business in a certain country, maybe you have to buy insurance for certain type of weather calamities (i.e., a typhoon) that you may not need to worry about in the United States or Canada? Any surprising things your insurance agent has talked you into because you’re now doing business in a new country? Also happy to hear from commercial insurance agents/experts who can suggest what types of things business owners need to cover themselves for when they expand to a new country. Also would like to hear from business owners and/or experts on how much more premiums typically are when your business goes from one or two countries to three or four and beyond.