Building the “Holy Grail” Portfolio

An investment reporter for U.S. News & World Report, is doing a story about the “holy grail” portfolio –that is, investments that should be part of a smart portfolio to help build long term success. Please answer any or all of the questions below *via email* by 6 p.m. EST Friday, Jan. 26. 1) There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all portfolio. But, are there certain truisms for portfolios in general that can guide constructing a solid base? 2) What types of investments belong in most portfolios and why? 3) Are there specific companies –such as dividend champions– that are also smart bets for building wealth across the board? 4) No portfolio exists in a vacuum. What are some general guidelines for tweaking over time? 5) Any cautions in building an ideal portfolio –i.e. copying someone, investing in cryptocurrency, etc.– 6) Anything else to add? We anticipate heavy response to this query, so getting answers in well before the deadline is advised.