Why Amazon (AMZN) Should Split Its Stock Again

I am looking for some comments on why it might be time for Amazon (AMZN) to do a stock split. One share currently goes for around $960 and it has traded as high as $1,083. I’m happy to get comments on why either Amazon, specifically, should split or why stocks generally split. Here are some reasons I may include in the article – commentary is welcome for all or if you have additional ideas: 1) It makes the stock more psychologically appealing to investors, since it’s cheaper it seems like a better deal. 2) It has improved liquidity. 3) There is a perception by some investors that stock splits are bullish signs. 4) It literally becomes more affordable, so the potential investor base expands somewhat. 5) If the stock never split, it may eventually become unaffordable for average investors to even buy one share. This will mean less liquidity, could mean less potential for multiple expansion and could mean less media buzz around it, since investing in it is not practical. The deadline is tomorrow at 11 a.m., but, as always, the sooner the better. Earlier responses are more likely to be included.