Alternatives to Invest In Before a Market Downturn Hits

The bull market is hot but a correction is a natural part of the market cycle that investors should be anticipating. This story will be a slideshow highlighting what investors should be buying now to hedge against volatility. 1. Are REITs a good choice when stocks fall and why? Are there any specific types/sectors that REIT investors should be looking to when anticipating a correction? 2. Is an annuity a good choice for generating income if you’re concerned about equities faltering? 3. Should investors be allocating more of their portfolios into bonds? What about cash, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, T-bills, etc.? How can they gauge how much of their portfolio they should be allocating to these investments? 4. What about private equity mutual funds? What benefit do they deliver when a correction occurs? What risks are involved and how can investors evaluate private equity options? 5. Are managed futures something investors may want to consider to hedge against a correction? Similar to private equity, what benefits do futures offer and what are the risks? 6. Are there any other alternatives not mentioned here that would be a good choice for an investor who’s hoping to insulate their portfolio against a correction as much as possible?