Vested Ventures Completes Seed Round Investment in Dojo

Eric Hazard

CEO, Vested Ventures

We’re happy for the opportunity to add Dojo Technology Corp. to the Vested Ventures investment portfolio. We announced the deal this morning.

Led by CEO Chad Sichello, Dojo has an important mission and a purpose-driven team capable of executing it. Dojo’s iOS and Android-friendly mobile platform reimagines how families and young people interact with their banks and credit unions by providing reward-based gamification and nudging users towards positive financial habits.

The technology, in other words, promotes financial literacy in a meaningful, potentially sticky, way. The perceptions and habits Millennials demonstrate when it comes to money are deceptively nuanced, but one thing is without question: The adoption of rational financial habits makes lives better, and no time is too early to begin learning them.

Dojo integrates directly with financial institutions’ legacy account and card infrastructure to reduce customer acquisition costs and drive user engagement, building lifelong banking relationships and making the next generation of consumers better at managing their money.

Vested Ventures’ financial investment and strategic counsel will help Dojo activate its brand across the U.S. and Canada, driving new prospects and revenue opportunities. Vested’s services to Dojo will include marketing support, media relations, content development, corporate messaging, and executive positioning.

Vested Ventures seeks to create strategic, long-term partnerships with companies that foster positive relationships with money, whether that be by promoting financial literacy, helping bring underbanked people into the financial system, or promoting transparency in financial services. Dojo’s mission fits squarely into these objectives and we’re excited to help them refine their communications strategy to quickly enter new markets through our unique combination of capital, network, and exposure.

Dojo is the third company in the Vested Ventures investment portfolio, joining Remesh, an artificial intelligence polling platform, and Spare, a mobile app that rounds up users’ dining bills and donates the remainder to charities that feed the hungry.