Vested Suggested Now Available on Amazon Alexa

Daniel P. Simon

Daniel P. Simon


We spend a lot of time shaping and announcing news for our clients. Now, we’re moving towards aggregating it for anyone who’s interested.

Case in point: Our weekly newsletter, Vested Suggested, is now available on Amazon Alexa.

Every Monday morning, we hold a staff editorial meeting to discuss what’s new in our industry. Vested Suggested is the output of that meeting: It curates and analyzes the latest news and thinking in the finance and financial technology industries.

Here’s the app in action.

It’s great to have our content be made available to our clients on command. Brett Crosby, a co-founder of Google Analytics and now chief operating officer and co-founder of PeerStreet, a Vested client, said this morning: “On-demand information is an increasingly valuable asset, and the companies that figure out how to deliver it for their clients faster will be the winners. This holds true in the service sector just as it does in the tech sector. With this move, Vested continues to demonstrate their innovation as well as their commitment to better supporting their clients.”

Our clients expect us to keep pace with the rapid news cycle and to communicate that news in real time. As a service-minded agency, we listen to our clients and deliver on their expectations. The Vested Suggested Alexa skill is the first step of delivering customized industry news and intelligence on a client-by-client basis.

Moving forward, we will be thinking about new ways to use Vested Suggested to both provide best-in-class service to our clients or to reach a wider group of stakeholders with relevant information that adds value.

The Vested Suggested Alexa Skill is available here.