Vested Dogs Boost Creativity

Marian Daniells

Vice President

Pet-friendly workplaces are on the rise, and we’re happy to be part of that trend. We often have a pup in the office, and agree it boosts morale, retention and is great for work-life balance. Owning a dog is also correlated to greater creativity — no surprise since it means outdoor time, interaction with others, playful and childlike behavior (but maybe I’m biased). Meet some of the Vested pups!

#1 The Veteran

Buddy is a rescue dog from Animal Haven in SoHo. We think he is 9, the same age as our son. He’s planning an upcoming guest appearance at Vested, where he’ll teach a Lunch N Learn on chasing (trends, of course). -Christina Bertinelli

#2 The Activist

Pepperbee Phamkim has 8 years of deep expertise pointing at squirrels and eating things she’s not supposed to. She has a long track record of eating goose poop and putting up with children who think she’s a small brown pony to ride. A longtime member of the 100 Female Furry Founders Club, Pepperbee is a champion of gender equality in dog treat access. – Binna Kim

#3 The Celebrity

Bonita Applehead Wells was born in East L.A. and as a puppy, moved to Beverly Hills. She was soon scouted by a casting agent and began appearing in films as early as 8 months old. Bonita has often been compared to Meryl Streep for her incredible acting skills and marvelous bone structure. She looks forward to a long life with her family and encourages everyone to nap in the spot where the sun comes through the window. – Ali Wells

#4 The Surfer Boi

Oliver (Ollie) Ricci-Roberts turns 4 years old on April 25th. A city dog by week and a country boy by weekend, Ollie equally enjoys pounding the dirty NYC pavement and running on the beach. He’s happiest when he is sunbathing, traveling, at the office with one of his parents, getting a tummy rub, playing hard to get, or dressing up for a special occasion. -Amber Roberts

#5 The Influencer

Henry Naftali Pergament was born in Alabama and decided to make his way to the big apple to see if he could make a name for himself. After some hard work, Henry became the first canine real estate mogul by day and successful Asian markets trader by night. If he’s not planning world domination or working like a dog, you can find Henry snoring unfathomably loud, stealing every pair of socks his dad owns, or doing yoga on a couch he’s not allowed to be on. – Lucas Pergament

#6 The Hipster

The only evidence that Bucket originally hailed from North Carolina is his occasional bow tie. A true Brooklyn pupster now, he enjoys homemade cheese and organic sweet potato treats, frequenting the Fort Greene farmers market, and “upcycling” socks and gloves into chew toys. You’ll find him lazing in the sun with *minimum* two blankets, or obsessing over his latest squeaker toy. – Marian Daniells

#7 The Princess

Madison was raised in NYC and spent many of her days walking up and down the streets of Madison Avenue and getting pampered at her doggy day care, where they offer hot oil massages and blueberry facials! An old soul and deep thinker, she loves to cuddle and snuggle. Still the apple of her parents’ eye, she now has to share attention with her two human brothers. Fair warning, if interrupted when eating or chewing her bone, she will bite! -Ishviene Arora

#8 The Hunter

Meet Gherkin McSimon. He’s like the Six Million Dollar Man of dogs. Has had more back surgeries and gut resections than 10 other dogs would see in their lifetimes. Eats anything and everything – see gut surgeries – to the point that his vet called him Appetite For Destruction. Named after the London building not the pickle, though he is obviously also a little pickle. – Dan Simon

Bonus: The Power Couple

Two cute to fit into a tiny square, these love bugs deserve their own section. Meet Panda and Linus Campbell. This dynamite duo is new to the modeling scene but making a splash in their debut. Both hailing from the South, they enjoy tearing up yards and doggie gymnastics. When they aren’t taking glamour shots, they can be found sunning themselves and slowly eating through doormats. Panda lives for the spotlight and Linus is fine to take a back seat to let her shine! – Lauren Pozmanter