Vested CEO to Co-Host New Fintech Channel on Asset TV


Binna Kim


As announced this morning, Vested co-founder and CEO Daniel P. Simon has agreed to co-host a segment on Asset TV’s new financial technology channel that focuses on the many entrepreneurs, investors, and companies that are shaping the financial technology industry.

Financial technology is still a hot market, and for good reason. Investments in financial technology is growing — it was up 67 percent on a year-over-year basis in the first quarter to $5.3b, according to Accenture. This capital is fueling legitimately disruptive innovation in almost everything that touches the financial services field.

As a result, banks are establishing new products and service offerings that they probably otherwise wouldn’t. A consortium of banks have launched Zelle, a payments platform, to compete with PayPal and its subsidiary Venmo. A different consortium filed patent claims for Concord, a new way to commercialize the blockchain. Goldman Sachs recently went to market with a financial service called Marcus, named after one of its founders, meant to compete with online loan originators like LendingClub. CNBC has a great breakdown of these ventures.

This shift is affecting the financial advisory space as well. Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, and Charles Schwab are among the storied institutions that are launching robo-advisory platforms in response to startups like Betterment and Motif Investing, Simon reported in the segment below.

Dan and the rest of the Asset TV financial technology team will be at Finovate this week looking for relevant stories about new, disruptive companies, the investors that back them, and the people who use them.