Vested & Boston Private Win Best Financial Marketing Strategy Award

Seres Lu

Senior Account Manager

We are always proud of the work we do for and with our clients, and Boston Private is no exception. The partnership we have with the wealth management firm has allowed for a long and successful track record, most recently earning us the award for Best Financial Marketing Strategy for PR/Media Relations from the Gramercy Institute!

Vested was tasked with generating media buzz and public awareness around Boston Private’s study titled “The Why of Wealth.” The detailed survey explored why individuals are motivated to not just make money, but also why and how they choose to spend and save it. Vested also recommended and created a comprehensive but easily-digestible infographic (partially pictured above) to accompany the pitches.

What followed was a series of top-tier coverage in both financial and consumer outlets including The New York Times, CNBC, Business Insider, and others; sticky yet natural social media engagement; and most importantly, a larger conversation about people’s motivations and priorities when it comes to money. With the help of Vested, Boston Private was able to elevate and promote its brand, reach large and otherwise untapped audiences, and start an important conversation.

Vested and Boston Private join Citizen’s Bank and EMI Boston; Direxion Funds and Investing Channel; TradeStation and DiGo; Brinker Capital and Seismic; T. Rowe Price and IMPRINT; AIG and MERGE; Invesco and Deardorff; BlackRock Mindshare and Investing Channel; and others for this year’s Best Financial Marketing Strategy Awards.

The accolade is one of multiple over the last six months. Earlier this year, Vested won Gramercy Institute’s award for Top 12 Financial Marketing Agencies. At the end of 2018, our UK Director Katie Spreadbury was named as a Rising Star of Financial Marketing by the agency; and Vested was named a Top Place to Work by PR News.