Vested and Anthemis Launch Kick-Asana “Finyasa” Class

Private: Ashley Shahid


New Yorkers aren’t exactly known for “work-life balance,” or – ahem – flexibility. We pack our social calendars as full as our weekday calendars, always keep a pulse on what’s happening in the markets and the news, and seldom take the time necessary to relax and recoup. Meanwhile, we navigate copious amounts of stress daily: a client just pushed up a big meeting one whole week, your ClassPass credits are going to expire if you don’t work out rightthisminute, the bagel shop is out of whole wheat everything, the MTA trains are off schedule (or just don’t show at all), this run-on sentence doesn’t have any conjunctions.

Relax. No, really.


Introducing Finyasa

This month, we’re launching Finyasa, a FREE yoga class for fintech and financial industry professionals, in collaboration with Leslie Campisi of Anthemis Group. Leslie, a professional yogi and certified boss-lady, will teach a bi-weekly Finyasa class at the Vested NYC office in Midtown East.



Yes, like a mash-up of finance and vinyasa. Hour-long classes begin at 7:45 sharp and include a gentle morning yoga session, followed by a guided meditation. All fitness levels, ages and abilities are welcome. No prior experience is required. Currently, our classes are scheduled for every second Thursday starting September 27. You can see our latest schedule and reserve your spot here.


I still don’t get it.

The goal of Finyasa is to demonstrate how multi-dimensional the financial industry really is. As financial communicators, we’ve perfected the art of marketing financial wellness; budgeting apps, credit checks, savings accounts, 401ks. But finance is so much more than that. Finance is about health, wellness, stability and peace of mind. Just like yoga.

Finyasa is about more than ohm-ing with with fellow fintech and financial folks.  It’s an opportunity to relax, begin our day on the right foot (feet?), and return to our roles in finance ready to effect meaningful change for the billions of consumers impacted by finance and the markets.

Sign up today, spots are limited!



22 W. 38th Street, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10018