The Benefits of Starting Anew: Vested’s Integrated Communications


Binna Kim


Vested co-founder and CEO Daniel P. Simon was one of several agency founders profiled today in a look PRWeek gave to newly-founded agencies headed by veteran practitioners.

“A number of communicators from some of the best-known shops in fincomms have left established firms in recent months to launch their own agencies,” the article stated. “They say technology and storytelling are changing the financial comms industry into a teeming ecosystem for entrepreneurship.”

This is spot-on. We take pride in our position in the market and are mindful of the opportunities we have. The way we see it, small agencies are nimble and new agencies can operate free from the industry’s conventions that have outlived their usefulness. In today’s media environment, these are assets.

For example, certain tactics, like creating dynamic content or newsjacking, fit today’s changing media environment, and those tactics require quick implementation. The old adage about too many cooks in the kitchen is true. Being nimble accommodates this demand.

Furthermore, the media environment is changing drastically — so much so that, in some cases, the easiest way for ambitious PR pros to move at the pace of its rapid change is to just start something new.

At Vested, we’ve done away with the silos many larger agencies use, which have historically separated earned, owned, and paid media into separate departments. To us, media is media; clients can only get the full scope of our knowledge and expertise if the agency’s people are working together constantly, regardless of whether it’s on an owned media project or a press push or giving advice or on a campaign that ties together all of the above and more.