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Christine Jeanine Nielsen

Christine Jeanine Nielsen

Resource Manager

During an initial conversation with Vested’s People Team, it was noted that Christine Jeanine Nielsen has a very “eclectic background.” And indeed, she does. Christine started with Vested as a freelancer in their growing VCo System. Before that, you could find her behind some of the nerdiest, hippest and most historic bars, restaurants and hotels in New Orleans. Before she even thought about managing freelancers, she spent plenty of time managing bartenders and restaurant staff– something that many have likened to “herding cats.”

In New Orleans, Christine began her career behind the bar at a world-famous bar, Molly’s at the Market, where she worked graveyard shifts slinging drinks from late at night until early in the morning. Having found her sea legs, she wanted to expand her repertoire and soon landed a gig at a neighborhood bar that specialized in historic classic cocktails. These drinks were imbued with a sense of history and an appreciation for the craft that it took to make them. She was hooked. From here, her thirst to know more lead her to The Museum of the American Cocktail, where she was able to rub elbows and clink glasses with some of the world’s foremost cocktail historians and bartenders. Soon enough she was managing cocktail bars at some of the city’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants. She also worked with Tales of the Cocktail and other large events around the city. She participated in cocktail events across the country and was the winner of several cocktail competitions. Her most treasured award remains the Seal of the Sazerac, presented by the New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society.

After more than 10 years in the restaurant industry, she decided to make a shift. She started her own Shopify site, selling eclectic, vintage cassette tapes and taught herself a few skills she thought she could leverage into some freelance opportunities. For several years, she picked up as many diverse freelancing gigs online as she could handle, including a small one with a company called Vested. While she said yes to as many freelancing opportunities as a single person could, Vested remained a steady stream of new and interesting work. Then came a fateful day in August of 2021, when the Vested VCo System had grown large enough that it needed an additional full-time role. Christine Jeanine Nielsen said that was the role for her and became Vested’s Resource Manager and go-to freelancer coordinator. In this role, she hopes to connect Vested with more wonderful, eclectic freelancers that she knows are out there, just waiting for the same opportunity she was given.

“Hospitality works every time.”