Ways to save money this summer

Reporter: John Schmoll

Publication: Colonial Life


Deadline: Apr 26, 2017 8:00 pm

I’m writing a piece for Colonial Life on ways to save money this summer: -What are some ways to save for needs you may have for the summer like camps for your children? What are some good ways to save on summer activities for your children? -What are some cheap options for an expensive summer vacation? -What are some frugal options to expensive outings/events that typically take place during the summer? What are some good apps/tools that might help you find some of these savings options? -What are some overlooked ways to save money during the summer that can help you save money throughout the rest of the year? Requirements: Preferably someone from the financial services industry or personal finance expert. If you’re from a PR firm, please have the quotes sent directly and not an offer to connect or have a call. Please send responses in quotable sentences as that would be most helpful.

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