Uber and Lyft: Perils and Promise of Rideshare Going Public

Reporter: Louis Carlozo

Publication: U.S. News & World Report


Deadline: Apr 13, 2017 7:00 pm

I am working on a story about the potential of rideshare companies going public. We’re asking for your answers via email to these questions. 1) To what extent does Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s behavior threaten Uber and its chances of going public? 2) Are Uber and Lyft ready to go public at any point soon? What might be the arguments for or against? 3) Is rideshare becoming saturated as a market category or is there room for growth in the sector? 4) What will investors want to look at with these companies in terms of their maturing toward an IPO? 5) Anything else to add? Please submit responses by end of day April 13. Put UBER LYFT, all caps in the subject headline. Indicate the spelling of the sources name as it should appear in print, their exact title and where they are based.

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