Is It Time to Jump on the Passive Investing Bandwagon?

Reporter: Rebecca Lake

Publication: US News


Deadline: Mar 28, 2017 9:00 am

A new Moody’s report predicts that passive investments will surpass actively managed fund investments by 2024. This story would use that as a jumping off point to explore whether now is the time for investors to consider taking a more passive approach to their portfolios. 1. What are the primary advantages passive investments offer over actively managed investments? Specifically, I’m interested in answering this question in the context of how it relates to retirement planning. 2. Are there any specific types of investors that passive investing isn’t suited to? On the flip side, who are passive investments ultimately geared towards? 3. What should investors keep in mind as they compare passive investment choices? For example, should they be focused on growth potential, liquidity, fees, returns, etc? 4. What risks should investors be aware of when choosing passive investments? 5. What are the biggest challenges associated with managing passive investments in your portfolio? Requirements: Seeking financial professionals, CFAs, CFPs, RIAs, etc.

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