Things You Need to Do as a Newly Married Couple

Reporter: John Schmoll

Publication: Colonial Life


Deadline: Jun 27, 2017 12:00 pm

I’m writing a piece for Colonial Life on some of the financial things you need to do as a newly married couple: -What are some of the first financial things a newly married couple should do? When should this take place? -How soon should newly married couples look at life insurance, or other types of insurance, needs? -How important is it for newly married couples to share financial responsibilities? What’s the best way to split responsibilities? -What’s the best way to deal with debt that a partner might bring into the relationship? Requirements: Preferably someone from the financial services industry or financial advisor. If you’re from a PR firm, please have the quotes sent directly and not an offer to connect or have a call. Please send responses in quotable sentences as that would be most helpful. Please no product pitches.

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