The Instagram Aesthetic? #OverIt

Reporter: Vested Staff

The Instagram Aesthetic? #OverIt: The over-edited, perfectly-styled photos filled with Millennial pink hues, manicured fingernails and matcha lattes once flooded Instagram, becoming synonymous with the brand itself, explains Taylor Lorenz for the Atlantic. But a new wave of influencers are #overit, favoring messy, less-curated feeds than ‘grams past and changing the way marketers reach their audiences.

Federal Minimum Wage Loses Bearing: Over the last 10 years, the emphasis on the federal minimum wage has taken a back seat to its once little brother–state and local government wage requirements. Forty-four cities and counties apply their own minimum wages to-date — nearly 10 times the amount in 2012, according to The Economist.

More from The Economist: “ The average pay of minimum-wage workers—a group which now varies a lot by place—has risen to 57 percent of the national median wage. That is up sharply from between 39 percent and 44 percent for the entire period between 1994 and 2015.”

What’s Love Got To Do With It?: A new poll from CNBC and Acorns Invest shows that 32 percent of women look to their male spouse as a “financial role model” — significantly higher than the 20 percent of men who say the same about their wives. But experts warn women should look outside their marriage for guidance, given their situations–whether it be the pay gap or maternity leave–are typically much different than men.

The Fed’s Recession Plans: While timing of the next recession is up for debate, there are rumblings that it isn’t far off. So, what does the Fed plan on doing to prepare? The agency typically chooses to drastically cut interest rates to minimize damage. But with already record-low interest rates in a bear market, the Fed’s plans are, well, to be determined, according to Neil Irwin of The New York Times.

Marriott Challenges AirBnB: The world’s biggest hotel chain is giving the home rental business a run for its money with new and similar offerings. Marriott plans to unveil the first hotel-run home-rental platform, which it could roll out as early as next month, according to the Wall Street Journal.