Teaching kids about money without cash

Reporter: Beth Braverman

Publication: Chase Brand Newsroom


Deadline: Apr 24, 2017 4:00 pm

Cash may disappear in the next few decades, and for many people it’s already a rarely used way to pay for things. However, one facet that hasn’t been covered is the impact on financial literacy among children. Virtual currency can make it more difficult to teach young children about the value of money and how it works, since they often never see cash exchanging hands. With mobile apps, you may now pay for things without ever even handing over a credit card. For young children, virtual currency is a lot harder concept to understand than cash and coins that they can see and hold. I’m looking for both money and child development experts about the best ways to teach kids the value of money in a cashless word. Requirements: Money experts, child development experts, parenting experts

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