Stressed & the City: Need insight from finance HRs, employers & professionals for piece on being overworked in the City

Reporter: Rebecca Hobson



Deadline: May 9, 2017 7:00 am

I’m writing a short blog post about being stressed and overworked in the finance sector. The piece is aimed at City professionals of all levels, but leaning more towards those in junior and graduate roles. I’m interested in receiving comments relating to any of the following areas: > How can I tell if I’m suffering from stress? > Is stress always a bad thing? > How can I tell if I’m working too hard? > Everyone is finance works so hard, how can I tell my manager I need a break?! > Will it lose my job if I work less/speak to my manager? > Should it be this stressful, is this just what working in finance is like? > How can I manage my workload better?

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