Saving for Retirement in Your 40s

Reporter: John Schmoll

Publication: Colonial Life


Deadline: May 15, 2017 5:00 pm

I’m writing a piece for Colonial Life on how to save for retirement in your 40s: -What do you need to do if you have little, to no retirement savings in your 40s? How can you get started easily? -How should you balance saving for college, if you have children, vs. saving for retirement? Should you ignore college savings? -What are some overlooked things in retirement planning for those in their 40s? Should investing be the only thing to focus on? -What role does debt and spending play in saving for retirement when in your 40s? Requirements: Preferably someone from the financial services industry, or a CFP/CFA. If you’re from a PR firm, please have the quotes sent directly and not an offer to connect or have a call. Please send responses in quotable sentences as that would be most helpful.

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