Retirement Investing Lessons to Master for Financial Literacy Month

Reporter: Rebecca Lake

Publication: US News


Deadline: Apr 11, 2017 11:00 pm

Study after study shows that investors for the most part are
still not doing enough to get their retirement on the right track. In light of April being Financial Literacy Month, this story will cover the most important investing lessons people need to know. 1. One lesson I’ve heard from financial experts time and again is that it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep. Why is it critical for investors to understand how important it is to balance out high returns with low costs in their investments? 2. What are the most critical tax lessons an investor needs tobe aware of when putting together their retirement strategy? 3. One excuse that investors may use to avoid saving for retirement is a lack of money. In that context, what do investors need to understand about the impact saving small amounts consistently can have on their long term outlook? 4. What do investors need to be aware of when it comes to allowing emotions to direct their investment decision-making? 5. What matters more when building a solid portfolio for retirement, the price at which you purchase a stock or fund or the quality of the companies attached to those investments? 6. Which is better: a slow and steady wins the race approach or trying to fast track your way to retirement wealth by taking on more risk than you may be comfortable with?

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